Theory days



Friday, November 24, 2017

10:45Session 1: Semantics
10:45Härmel NestraDouble Applicative Functors
11:10Hendrik MaarandCertified Foata Normalization for Generalized Traces
11:35Coffee break
12:05Session 2: Misc
12:05Silvio CapobiancoNonuniversality in Computation: a (non)-disproof of the Church-Turing thesis
12:30Abdullah MakkehBivariate Partial Information Decomposition: The Optimization Perspective
12:55Lunch (in Restaurant "Gunpowder Cellar")
14:25Session 4: Cryptography
14:25Bingsheng ZhangStatement Voting and Liquid Democracy
14:50Alisa PankovaPrivacy-preserving duplication detection
15:15Toomas KripsGolden Section Numbers in Secure Multiparty Computation
15:40Peeter LaudSecure Multiparty Sorting Protocols with Covert Privacy
16:05Coffee break
16:35Session 3: Coding Theory etc
16:35Ivo KubjasTwo-Party Function Computation on the Reconciled Data
17:00Vitaly SkachekConstructions and Bounds for Batch Codes with Small Parameters
17:25Yauhen YakimenkaDistance Properties of Short LDPC Codes and their Impact on the BP, ML and Near-ML Decoding Performance
17:50Ludmila GlinskihSatisfiable Tseitin formulas are hard for nondeterministic read-once branching programs
19:00Dinner (in restaurant "Polpo")

Saturday, November 25, 2017

09:30Session 5: Automata
09:30Hellis TammTheoretical aspects of symbolic automata
09:55Aliya KhadievaReordering Method for Quantum and Classical Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
10:20Markus WhitelandOn $k$-Abelian Equivalence Classes via Regularity
10:45Juhani KarhumäkiReachability via co-operating morphism
11:10Coffee break
11:40Session 6: Quantum Cryptography
11:40Aleksandrs BelovsProvably secure key establishment against quantum adversaries
12:05Ehsan EbrahimiOn Quantum Indifferentiability
12:30Tore Vincent CarstensOn quantum indistinguishability under chosen plaintext attacks
12:55Lunch (in Restaurant "Gunpowder Cellar")
14:25Session 7: Cryptography
14:25Marek SýsFactorization of widely used RSA moduli
15:25Michal ZajacA Subversion-resistant SNARK
15:50Janno SiimAn Efficient Pairing-Based Shuffle Argument
16:15Coffee break
16:45Session 8: Quantum Computing
16:45Andris AmbainisQuantum algorithms for trees of unknown structure
17:10Kamil KhadievQuantum versus Classical Online Algorithms with Advice and Restricted Memory
17:35Jevgenijs VihrovsAll Classical Adversary Methods are Equivalent for Total Functions
19:00Dinner (in restaurant "Vilde ja Vine")
20:30Sauna (in the Institute of Political Studies)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

09:30Session 9: Image Recognition and Crypto
09:30Egils AvotsAudio based emotion recognition in an uncontrolled environment
09:55Fatemeh NorooziAudio-Visual Emotion Recognition in Video Clips
10:20Mohammad Fawaz Yousef AnagrehAccelerate Performance of Calculation for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Based on MOF by Parallel Computing
10:45City tour
12:15Session 10: Quantum Complexity
12:15Abuzer YakaryilmazMagic coins are useful for small-space quantum machines
12:40Maksims DimitrijevsUncountable realtime probabilistic classes
13:05Lunch (in Restaurant "Gunpowder Cellar")
14:35Session 11: Distributed and Graph Algorithms
14:35Jukka SuomelaUnderstanding Computation via Computation
15:35Petteri KaskiDelegatable and error-tolerant algorithms
16:00Ivan BliznetsParameterized Algorithms for Partitioning Graphs into Highly Connected Clusters
16:25Coffee break